High Quality Grinding Wheels Designed for Your Process

We Care About Adding Value​

At Carborundum Grinding Wheel Company we specialize in developing conventional grinding solutions tailored to exceed our clients’ fundamental requirements. We take a customized approach with every customer, and uniquely design a solution to fit the needs of each individual manufacturing process, ultimately boosting productivity, enhancing quality, and maximizing output.

We Believe Every Manufacturing Challenge is Unique

Leveraging quality materials, proven formulations, expansive tooling and diverse production equipment, Carborundum Grinding Wheel Company produces a diverse range of conventional grinding wheels. We take pride in working with customers to solve their niche grinding challenges and tweak our solutions to fit their evolving manufacturing needs. Our team has developed long-term relationships with many cutting-edge companies – a testament to the consistent performance and quality offered by the team at Carborundum Grinding Wheel Company.


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Whether you are simply looking for an additional supplier or need help solving a new or difficult grinding challenge, we are ready to partner with your team. Reach out to start a conversation with one of our sales and product application specialists.


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